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Calle134#7B-83 Office 122

Bogota, Colombia

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Cartagena, Colombia


DBMS now provides the full service of individual and group care management.

  Dr. Wilson Cubides

Dr. Cubides is a medical doctor that specializes in the following models (in Latin America including Colombia, Panama, and Peru):

  • Integrated Healthcare Management Solutions
  • Integrated Healthcare Reform
  • International Public Health

With over 20 years experience in the public and private health sector and software development, Dr. Cubides was successful in transforming healthcare ideas in Colombia and Latin America by automating and enforcing the EPS/IPS (health insurance and hospitals/clinics) healthcare process/standards for each country into a successful software application.  Dr. Cubides developed, designed, and implemented his own healthcare models and his own healthcare software (now under DBMS Latin America's integrated healthcare model).  Dr. Cubides has extensive experience in the management of health institutions as a health service provider and in insurance companies in Latin America.  He also an advisor in healthcare in both the private as well as the ministry of health levels in various countries. Dr. Cubides has worked for Colombia's Healthcare Academy and has managed IPS's, EPS's and other healthcare organizations in Colombia and other Latin American countries.

In December of 2011, Dr. Cubides joined DBMS Latin America SA (Bogota, Colombia) as a partner where he is leading DBMS Latin America as the Chief Medical Officer (CMO).  His past experience, technical team, and great ideas will be part of DBMS Latin America SA in order to offer the most integrated healthcare solution, nationally and internationally.



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