Assessments and Disease Conditions
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DBMS now provides the full service of individual and group care management.


Depending on your business need, any of the following disease conditions, protocols, or assessments may be utilized in the Care Management Process. The following assessments and disease conditions are used in conjunctions with a trigger to further gather information regarding a specific medial condition.

Arthritis (Regular, Medicaid) Diabetes HIV Mode of Transmission Smoking
Asthma (Regular, Pediatric, Medicaid) Elder Abuse/Neglect Incontinence of Bladder Social Relationships
Alcohol Abuse Emphysema Infection Identification Vulnerability
Back Pain Falls Instrumental ADL Weight Management (Obesity)
Balance Fears of Falling Mini Mental State  
CAD Financial Patient Satisfaction  
Caregiver Foot Problems Pediatric  
Caregiver Behavior High Blood Pressure Prenatal  
Congestive Heart Failure - CHF HIV Activity Psychiatric  
Depression (Geriatric, Scale) HIV Assessments Psychological  

Other Key Assessments:

Secondary Screens Extended Care Benefits
Health Risk Survey and Probability for Readmission (PRA) Score Patterns of Care

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