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DBMS new locations:


Bogotá, Colombia

Future Location:

Cartagena, Colombia

DBMS now provides the full service of individual and group care management.


Who Should Use DBMS?

DBMS can work with small one-person shops all the way up to Fortune 500 Companies. We offer a full range of services. Whether you need advice and consulting on the development of a new system or a review of your current system, we can help find the solution that is right for you. At DBMS, we find out what your needs are and always recommend the appropriate solutions to solve your challenges.

No problem is too simple or too complex. We have handled projects as small as installations of basic networks. We have handled projects as large as complete conversions of multi-faceted mainframe systems into fully-functioning client/server environments.

 Potential Customers

Medicare At Risk   Administrators

The ability to generate consistent Care Plans gives these administrators an advantage. Consistent and efficient care becomes a reality with the use of automated support for care providers. The current data volumes required for the care giving process make it nearly impossible for care providers to have the necessary data ready in paper form at their fingertips. The challenge becomes even more difficult as organizations ask each care provider to be consistent with a master standard plan. ICMS allows the care provider to have the master plan immediately available. It allows flexibility in tracking variations different from the norm. This would either be impossible or incredibly time restrictive without the support of a standardized system.


The same requirements as Medicare at risk Administrators apply to Managed Care Organizations in their administration of care to private sectors. In addition, MCO’s can use the Health Risk Survey process to assess the overall health of its members. Finally, MCO's can adjust capitation and all other payments to the PCPs.

Homecare Organizations

Our products will be of benefit in supporting Care Providers. Efficiency will be improved resulting in reduced costs. At the same time the consistency and tracking will improve the quality of care.


Hospitals and Clinics

Our products will be significantly beneficial for the health institutions as they move into new arrangements in which they are taking more direct responsibility for the heath care of the patient. The increased efficiency will increase profits as hospitals and clinics deal with patients on a set fee (ex. DRG) or a patient population group on a capitated basis.

Utilization Management Professionals

ICMS provides the ability to track actual care provided against the system generated master standard Care Plan. The automated tracking of patient information will be available to all care providers. Tracking the patient as they transition to and from inpatient, outpatient, and homecare will increase efficiency by reducing the duplication of the same tests, treatment, and medication from venue to venue.

Demonstration Projects

DBMS' Integrated Care Management System (ICMS) contains Dynamic Assessment and Protocol Builders, as well as Dynamic Ad-Hoc Report Builders, that can assist you in designing any Assessment or Disease Condition on the fly without contacting our technical team.

Medicaid, Medicare, and any other private grants will see the benefit of our dynamic ICMS product. When designing front-end data entry forms, we can work with our existing and dynamic Report Builder, or with your own Ad-Hoc Reports. These reports can also be designed and altered as needed via the ICMS Reporting Database and Package.

























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