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DBMS now provides the full service of individual and group care management.

  Early Periodic Screening, Diagnosis and Treatment

EPSDT is a long-term care plan for children. It specifies lab tests, health assessments, immunizations, and other services for children. The plan is age specific. Meaning that services vary depending on the age of the child. Most states have implemented EPSDT in varying forms, and many states have their own programs that extend the standard. These programs include the following: Child Health and Disability Prevention (CHDP), Children's Health Environmental Coalition (CHEC), and CHM.

Each program has a varying level of complexity. Some states even impose penalties to plans that contradict with the state and fail to provide sufficient services. This specialized functionality is very similar to Case Management. The childhood condition is managed with a series of care plans. An EPSDT coordinator has the role of case manager. From there, the case manager must monitor patient services and compliance levels. By using the EPSDT function users can automate data collection and reporting to ensure compliance with the preventive health measures mandated by the state and federal governments.



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