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DBMS new locations:


Bogotá, Colombia

Future Location:

Cartagena, Colombia

DBMS now provides the full service of individual and group care management.


DBMS has developed evidence-based solutions for improving the quality of care, reducing medical errors, and controlling costs. DBMS’ health solutions have been shown to work in real world settings. These settings include numerous chronic conditions that have been utilized by real patients, physicians, RN's, social workers, and other health professionals. Our products can be customized to the local level. DBMS, Inc. is successfully providing tools to help organizations face the onslaught of financial and regulatory pressures.

By providing these tools, we are currently helping numerous organizations distinguish themselves as leaders capable of delivering quality medical services in the most cost-effective manner. Our software products do more than simply develop and design software packages. We also integrate these packages into your network.

Feel free to browse the
Disease Conditions and Assessments our system tracks and integrates with.  

Health Risk Surveys (Screening)

Primary Care Provider Orders

Medicare Home Health

Outpatient Case Management

Pharmacy (Drug Interaction)

Automatic Reports

Usable and Sharable Data

Task Assignment

Case Management

Assessments and Evaluations

Care Plans

Electronic Medical Billing


Care Provider Organizer

Customizable Evaluation Notes

Member Vital Signs


Please visit our Multimedia Center to learn more information about our suite of products.

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