Usable and Sharable Data
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DBMS new locations:


Bogotá, Colombia

Future Location:

Cartagena, Colombia

DBMS now provides the full service of individual and group care management.

  Usable and Sharable Data

Now, more than ever, it is necessary to keep complete and secure patient electronic medical records. Traditional systems have stored valuable patient clinical notes in a free-form format. They capture and store written or spoken notes in a human readable form, but not in a structured and consistent form that can be used as part of computer aided organization and feedback. ICMS provides the necessary structure and consistent data gathering that now makes computer aided organization and feedback possible. Mass volumes of what was otherwise only documentation on a patient now becomes usable data that is consistent between patients and multiple care providers.

No longer will patients be lost as they are passed from one venue to another. No longer will they repeatedly be subjected to the same questions and same tests as they see multiple health care professionals. Information is stored in a structured historical form that can be quickly accessed by authorized care providers there by providing quality care.





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